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Influencer | Talent Manager

  • Paid partnerships 

  • Contract management

  • Rate negotiation and endorsement packages

  • Image usage rights and protection of brand

  • Consultation on content creation and maintenance

Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer marketing programmes, development and maintenance

  • Social media ambassadors

  • Key gifting and seeding

  • Provide short lists of on target influencers for client to select

  • Manage relations with influencers, contracts, negotiations 

  • Ensure influencer activity respects  FTC legal requirements

  • Gifting (product placement) and seeding


Strategy and Conversion

  • WW social media advertising (multi-platform)

  • Live coverage of key events

  • Budget management

  • Strategize how best to drive awareness, links to site, footfall in stores and eventually sales 

  • Guidance on social media copy and content (still images, video content, IG stories, tone of voice)

  • Access to network of key content digital creatives

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